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Invoicing Advice

When writing an invoice:
1. Be clear, truthful, informative but concise.
2. Be prompt - send your invoice without delay and thereby avoid giving any reason to postpone payment.
3. If you have not already developed an invoicing system, buy a blank invoice book from your newsagent to give you a standard format, or find an invoicing template by searching in Google. The date of your invoice is important when chasing payments.
4. Include terms of payment, for example, 'Payment within 30 days of invoice.'

The success of obtaining your payment may depend on the clarity of your invoice and the efficiency with which you go about following it up, especially when companies have cash flow problems. If you are firm and ultimately have to enforce your payment terms sometimes, you are going to be taken more seriously. Unfortunately, being too 'nice' or 'understanding' can lead to non-payment.

Be clear, include all relevant facts, be professional, state your terms and be understanding whilst making it clear that non-payment is not an option.
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