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How to Post Up your invoice

It is very easy to post up your invoice:
  1. Register with us, it takes just a few seconds.
  2. You will be directed to your personal page were you fill out the online invoice.
  3. Check your invoice that you want to post up.
  4. Click "post" congratulations you will have submitted your invoice.
When you have posted up your invoice a Search Engine listing for that invoice will be created. This will be registered in Google, Yahoo etc.
The InfoIntel Team will email your debtor and remind them of there legal obligation. A link will will be sent to them showing them there listing and explain that the next time that somebody types there name or the name of the company into a search engine they could be directed to this negative search engine listing..
They will be given options to settle the invoice.
Reminders will be sent on a regular basis until the matter is concluded.
If non of this work the InfoIntel Team can advise on your legal options
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Remember it is totally Free

Not only are you helping to create an important database but you are participating in a process that aims to help you resolve your problem as a creditor, which should ultimately give you the strong sense that you are no longer isolated in your efforts but one of a whole community of freelancers self-employed and small business people have a voice against those who demonstrate poor payment practice. The InfoIntel provide this service to you at no cost and solely rely on donations to keep this servis free.
The listing will not be removed until your debt is settled. No amount owed is too small, nor is there an 'expiry date' for invoices. Go ahead! Tell us about it.

"You are no longer alone"

Contact details are totally confidential and are not accessible by a third party without your prior consent

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